Summer School:
Biomedicine & Bioethics
supporting responsible innovation
in the era of Big Data & AI
(Athens, 12-16 June 2023)

Summer School

The current and near-future applications of AI in Medicine and Healthcare are numerous and really promising. Extended personalized medicine, personal monitoring devices, use of augmented reality devices in surgery, surgical and companion robotics are only some fascinating examples. However, there is a risk of going too far and stepping out of the limits. That is why it is necessary to ensure the responsible use of AI, especially when applied in these crucial fields of Medicine and Healthcare, that have to do with human life. In that context, we need to take a step back and explore the ethical, legal and social implications (ELSI) of biomedical research, which is a precursor of the development of AI applications in the medical sphere. With these tools a fair balance between innovation and respect for autonomy can be achieved.

The aim of the Biomed-AI Summer School: Biomedicine & Bioethics supporting responsible innovation in the era of Big Data & AI is to provide a valuable opportunity for researchers from the field of philosophy, law, biomedical and technology sciences to acquire a deeper knowledge of the opportunities and challenges of using AI in medicine and healthcare and to help them delve into the requirements that need to be fulfilled to ensure the ethical and legal compliance of biomedical research, while getting an insight on the concept of responsible research innovation (RRI).

A unique feature of the Summer School will be the combination of lectures with practical workshops on virtual and extended reality and different applications of AI, offering participants the unique opportunity to dive into state of the art educational methods and get hands-on experience. This initiative runs also under the umbrella of education activities that the Technology Transfer Office and the Committee of Ethics and Deontology of BRFAA support for the education and Training of the biomedical community. 

The Summer School runs under the auspices of the Academy of Athens.

Provide a strong foundation in AI applications in medicine and healthcare, their ethical concerns, ELSI in biomedical issues and RRI which are relevant to the different areas of scientific and clinical research.

Enhance researchers’ ability to conceptualize, analyse and solve research problems with increasing independence.

Furnish opportunities to interact with members of the international research community.

Significantly expand researchers’ understanding of theory and practice related to summer school topics.

Provide researchers with appropriate instruments to make effective research in the field of AI,
ELSI in biomedicine, and RRI compliant with international standards.